Remember to Keep Sidewalks Clear in Inclement Winter Weather

Remember to Keep Sidewalks Clear in Inclement Winter Weather

Snow shoveling

At the regular, open meeting of Stanardsville Town Council held on April 10, 2023, Town Council reviewed a proposed ordinance for the maintenance of streets, sidewalks and public rights-of-way.  At the following regular meeting held on May 8th, Town Council voted unanimously to adopt this ordinance, a copy of which accompanies this letter.

As we approach the season for inclement winter weather, Town Council wishes to remind everyone of their obligations for the removal of snow, sleet and ice from public sidewalks following winter weather events.

The occupant (or, absent an occupant, the owner) of any property that abuts any paved or concrete sidewalk within the corporate limits of the Town of Stanardsville is responsible for maintaining a safe and unencumbered sidewalk for the public to cross.

For all inclement weather events, within the first eight hours of daylight following the snow, sleet or ice ceasing to fall, the sidewalks must be cleared of snow, sleet or ice.  If the precipitation cannot be removed from the sidewalk without damaging the sidewalk, then the sidewalk should be covered with salt, sawdust, ashes or other suitable material which will render the sidewalk safe for pedestrians to cross.

You are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk within the boundaries of your property lines.

We thank everyone in advance for their support in keeping our community members safe.  In the last several snow events, numerous areas of sidewalks have been left to ice over creating hazards for our fellow citizens.  These avoidable conditions are especially hard for our elderly citizens and those with difficulty walking.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Mayor, Michael Payne, at or by phone at 540-290-8344.