Downtown Revitalization Grant Projects

Downtown Revitalization Grant Projects

Stanardsville has nearly completed various projects funded by a $1 million Downtown Revitalization grant awarded to the town in 2016 by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).   The funds were used for façade improvements on several commercial buildings on Main Street and the historic William Mills House behind the Library; the complete rehabilitation of an apartment on Ford Avenue; demolition and removal of the vacant dwelling at 9 Main Street; and construction of a Pavilion and Stage behind the County Administration building.  Known as Greene Commons, the Pavilion houses a weekly Farmers Market.

The remaining project is construction of a bio-retention pond behind the Pavilion, as required by Storm Water Management regulations.  The design plan for that retention pond has been revised several times due to undesirable soils and groundwater problems on site.  It is expected that the project will be completed in 2020.

William Mills House












Greene Commons pavilion & stage


The grant proposal, written by Community Planning Parners, included a detailed  Economic Restructuring Plan for Stanardsville.  Here is the article about the grant award in the September 8, 2016 issue of the Greene County Record Town awarded million dollar grant

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