Next Streetscape Project

Next Streetscape Project

The Phase II streetscape project continues the Town’s new sidewalk network by extending the sidewalks at either end of Main Street.  Specifically, the Phase II improvements involve construction of sidewalks on the north side of Main Street from Celt Road to Pioneer Bank, and on the east side from Rectory Lane to Madison Road.

The grant award to extend the Town’s sidewalks at either end of Main Street provides for design and engineering of both west and east end extensions, and construction of the west extension only. A grant application for construction funds for the east end sidewalk extension was submitted to VDOT in November, 2016.

The Town is official Project Sponsor and signed a contract with the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) to serve as Project Manager. *STAR* will assist the Town and TJPDC in managing the project and has been directed by the Town to raise the required local match.

Phase II is funded in part through a federal grant award of $360,000, which must be met by a 20 per cent local match of $90,000.

West Sidewalk Extension

The federal grant award provides for extension of the new sidewalk network west from the Celt Road intersection, on the north side of Main Street, to the existing sidewalk in front of Pioneer Bank — a distance of about 350 feet.  The preliminary plan calls for a five-foot wide, handicap-accessible concrete sidewalk and six colonial-style lampposts, plus several new vehicle entrances.

Location of west sidewalk

Location of west sidewalk

Grant Program

The federal Transportation Alternatives Program provides federal funds to cover 80 per cent of the costs for engineering, design, and construction.  The remaining 20 per cent comes from local contributions.  Thanks to generous donations and pledges from the Town, the County, organizations, and individuals, *STAR* has raised more than half of the required local match, but seeks $35,000 in additional contributions.

Engineering Firm Selected

The Town’s Selection Committee for the Phase II Streetscape Improvements Project selected Draper Aden Associates, the same firm used in Phase I,  to provide engineering services and project management of the federally funded Main Street pedestrian improvements.  The project involves the design of a 350-foot sidewalk extension to the west of Celt Road and a 900-foot sidewalk extension to the east of Rectory Lane, both on the north side of Main Street, and construction administration for the west end.