Seeking a Town Clerk

Seeking a Town Clerk

Town of Stanardsville

Request for Qualifications/Information (RFQ/I)
for Town Clerk Independent Contract

The Town Council of the Town of Stanardsville (Town) is seeking qualifications/information for a Town Clerk Independent Contract (Contract) to service the needs of the Town Council. They shall preform all duties and exercise all powers incumbent upon or invested in Town Clerks including, but not limited to, Virginia State Code 15.2-1538 and 15.2-1538. The contract may begin July 1, 2017.

The proposed Contract shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. The preparation and maintenance of all Council records and other official municipal documents
  2. Assistance of elections within the Town
  3. Recording various documents and vital statistics.
  4. Involves extensive public contact in collecting various files and providing information.
  5. Is performed in accordance with the charter, ordinances and general law
  6. Requires initiative, judgment, and ability to work effectively and independently with the public and   other officials.

The Town is seeking an initial contract for one (1) year followed by (1) year renewal options. The rate schedule will be in the form of an annual sum broken down into monthly and reimbursement payments.

Those submitting proposals do so entirely at their own expense. There is no expressed or implied obligation by the Town to reimburse any Submitter for any costs incurred in preparing or submitting proposals, preparing or submitting additional information requested by the Town, or for participating in any selection interviews. It is the Submitters responsibility to check the Town’s web page for any modifications to the RFQ/I.

Submission of any proposal indicates acceptance of the conditions contained in this RFQ/I unless clearly and specifically noted otherwise in the proposal.

The Town reserves the right to reject any and all proposals in whole or in part, to waive any and all informalities and to disregard all non-conforming, nonresponsive, or conditional proposals. The Town may award a contract based upon the proposals received, without discussion of such proposals with Submitters. Each proposal should, therefore, be submitted in the most favorable terms the Submitter can make to the Town. The Town does reserve the right to request additional data or an oral presentation in support of the written proposal. Submission of a proposal does not automatically qualify a Submitter for a presentation. The Town reserves the right to negotiate with all qualified Submitters.

All information submitted as part of this RFQ/I will undergo a comprehensive evaluation by the Town. Each Submitter shall submit a proposal signed by an official authorized to bind them to its provisions. Each proposal must include a statement that the proposal remains valid for a period of at least ninety (90) days from the date of its submission. The original, signed proposal and five copies shall be in a sealed envelope indicating the Submitters name and the title; RFQ/I For Town Clerk Services Contract.

Proposals are requested to be in the following format:

  1. Synopsis providing information based on the Town Clerk Independent Contractor document. Specifically, in the sections titled “Requirements of Work” and “Desirable Experience and Training”
  2. The Synopsis should be presented in the order it is outlined in the Town Clerk Position document
  3. The Synopsis should be brief and to the point.
  4. Provide a page with the following. A)Annual Lump Sum Cost for the services. B) A signed statement by an official authorized to bind them to its provisions. C) A statement that the proposal remains valid for a period of at least ninety (90) days from the date of its submission.

Submitters with questions regarding this RFQ/I may contact Gary Lowe, Mayor, via email only at . Put Town Clerk in subject line.

Proposals must be received in the Stanardsville Town Hall, 19 Celt Road, PO Box 152, Stanardsville, VA 22973 by 12:00 noon local time on June 9, 2017. They can be delivered by hand or mailed but post marks do not apply. They must be in Town Hall by 12:00 noon EST.